McDermott: 'We got sloppy'

No one on the Eagles' defense was happy with the way the Detroit Lions managed to come back in the fourth quarter and close the final score to 35-32, least of all defensive coordinator Sean McDermott.

"We got sloppy," he said today during his weekly meeting with reporters. "That is going to change."

However, McDermott's belief in his players has not wavered.

"I think we are a good defense," he said. "We've been inconsistent."

The Eagles were overpursuing early against Detroit, giving Jahvid Best easy access to cutback lanes, McDermott and his players said today. Once they stopped doing that -- and once McDermott aimed some well-chosen words at a few guys who just weren't gettting off blocks -- they shut down the Lions' running game, a test they'll have to pass again this week against the run-heavy Jaguars.


Asked if he was surprised with the switch in quarterbacks, offensive coordinator Marty Morhinweg was brief and did not answer the question.

"Andy's a great decision-maker," he said. "Done, moving on to Jacksonville."

Mornhinweg said he spoke with Kevin Kolb about the change, but he wouldn't divulge what was said.

Mornhinweg spoke in the offseason of tailoring the offense to Kolb. Now he has to tailor it to Vick, which will involve such things as DeSean Jackson switching sides of the field Mornhinweg said the changes won't be difficult.

The Eagles struggled to handle Detroit's blitz, which sent more defenders than the Eagles could block.

"Our mentality is, when they blitz, we score," Mornhinweg said.

The O-line has already gotten better, going from an NFL-high 12 sacks after two games to 11. Upon review, the NFL agreed with Birds offensive line coach Juan Castillo that when Michael Vick fumbled a snap and fell on it, that was not a sack, though the Detroit stat crew initially gave the Lions one.


Defensive lineman Brandon Graham was a full participant in practice with his shoulder injury. Graham had been limited Wednesday.

Others listed as full participants: LB Stewart Bradley (concussion), TE Brent Celek (chest), G Nick Cole (knee), G Todd Herremans (ankle), T Austin Howard (back), QB Kevin Kolb (concussion), DT Trevor Laws (oblique)