McCoy's Brother Responds To Column and No-Show Charges

LeSean McCoy has not returned the advanced pay he received for an autograph session he didn't attend. (Yong Kim/Staff File Photo)

UPDATE: In a subsequent email to the Daily News, LeSean McCoy's brother, LeRon, says the advance is ``ready to be returned.''

He said the reason they were slow to return it was because they sensed Bentley's was going to sue them for punitive damages and ``get more money than they sent. . . we also think (McCoy's upcoming) April 2 appearance (at another Wilkes-Barre area location) helped prompt this attack, seeing as how we are dealing with competition.''

It was not, however, Bentley's that contacted the Daily News on this issue. We received a number of emails from upset fans who had attended the event and then pursued the story. 

FROM EARLIER: I wrote a column this morning regarding a meet-and-greet/autograph-signing that Eagles running back LeSean McCoy failed to show up for 2 weeks ago up in the Wilkes-Barre area, much to the disappointment of several hundred fans.

I spent more than a week trying to reach LeSean and his representatives to get an explanation for why he didn’t show that night, with no luck. As I mentioned in the column, I did speak with the marketing VP for McCoy’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, who assured me not once, but twice, that he would contact LeSean’s brother, LeRon, who is CEO of the promotion company that set up the event. He assured me he would talk to LeRon and have him get back to me. In an email to me this morning, LeRon said Bailey never contacted him. Anyway, here is LeRon’s email response to the column:

"Good Morning. First and Foremost I don't want to shoot the messenger because I know it's your job to report things as they appear. After reading the article about Lesean I'm more than highly upset. It's a classic tale of one side of the story.

The first immediate problem is the question of the $2500 dollars. There's no contract between LeSean McCoy or myself stating that he received an advance of $2500. As I personally didn't do the deal nor have my or Lesean's signature on the contract. LeSeans fee was to my knowledge $3500.

"Secondly I will send you an adjoining email that shows we clearly made contact the very next morning. The email states we'd like to reschedule we were sorry but there was no correspondence back.

LeSean kept his receipt from the tow truck company that I will also take a picture and send to you as well. Numerous communication that night was made with the folks at Bentleys explaining Lesean's car situation.

"As is custom LeSean travels with his personal security to these functions which he's instructed not to leave , so the two seater car that Bentley tried to provide wouldn't suffice. Even still LeSean was on his way until a Bentley representative claimed he refused to pay him because of him being late. At this point it was seen as a total insult. We decided to travel back towards Philadelphia.

"LeSean has always been known for his maturity and good natured attitude, the last thing he would do is stiff a club out of money or disappoint fans. LeSean has done more than a hundred signings and appearances to my knowledge this is his second missed date. The first being a cancellation because the eagles brass deemed so. Please contact me back anytime thanks for letting me express our side of the story. LeSean has an appearance April 2nd in almost same area we'd love to invite you.’"

LeRon also has promised me that LeSean will give me a call as soon as he recovers from the Lasik surgery he had earlier this week and personally give me his side of the story. We most certainly will pass that along when I hear from him because we are nothing if not fair.