Big Oops, and Game is Tied

Updating: The Cowboys did absolutely nothing in the first half offensively but claimed a 7-7 halftime tie anyhow, when Anthony Spencer, the guy Dallas ended up drafting with the Eagles' first-round choice in 2007, when the Birds traded down to take Kevin Kolb, punched the ball out of Kolb's hand. DeMarcus Ware picked it up and ran for a 17-yard touchdown.

At halftime, Kolb,. who launched a Hail Mary on the final play that was picked off in the end zone, was 14 for 23 for 87 yards. Dallas' Stephen McGee was 4 for 8 for 33, 31 of them coming on a first-series screen to Miles Austin.

Jerome Harrison has 10 carries for 39 yards.

Earlier: Chad Hall just scored his first NFL touchdown, on a 4-yard pass from a scrambling Kevin Kolb. The Eagles are leading 7-0 despite playing mostly subs against Dallas starters. You would have to say, though, that Kolb  is a more accomplished NFL quarterback than Stephen McGee.

Hall's touchdown broke the team scoring record for the third year in a row.

The Birds started just one offensive line regular, guard Max Jean-Gilles, and saw him go down to a left ankle injury. Center Mike McGlynn had to make an unscheduled appearance, with Nick Cole moving from center to guard.

Earlier: As expected, the Eagles are deactivating key starters for today's meaningless game against the Cowboys. In addition to Michael VIck and DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy will not play today. Ditto Winston Justice, Asante Samuel and Trent Cole, along with injured Stew Bradlley and Trevor Laws. Stay tuned.