McCoy clarifies: 'It's the small things, you think nobody really cares about'

LeSean McCoy, one of the Eagles closest to released Pro Bowl wideout DeSean Jackson, indicated Wednesday that Jackson's departure taught McCoy something about Eagles coach Chip Kelly.

"No matter how good a player is, it's the team. If you can't buy in, anything's possible," McCoy said, when asked to expound upon recent remarks he made to about Jackson's departure being a warning to other players. "Some players, some teams may think, 'well, he's producing on the field, so that's the only thing that matters' ... It's the small things, that you think nobody really cares about, but in all reality, they do."

McCoy said he didn't necessarily take the Jackson situation as a warning, that he feels he has bought into Chip Kelly's way of doing things, has paid attention to detail, en route to leading the NFL in rushing last season. But McCoy seemed to be saying his eyes were opened to how important such things are to the second-year coach.

McCoy, who turns 26 next month, will enter the 2014 season 1,055 yards behind Wilbert Montgomery as the Eagles' all-time leading rusher. A questioner asserted that McCoy setting a new mark seems to be a given.

"Nothing's a given," McCoy said. "But that's another goal to put on my list" after setting the team single-season rushing record last year with 1,607 yards.

McCoy was the only Eagles running back sweltering in baggy gray sweatpants Wednesday. "It's a mental thing," said McCoy. "This was probably one of my best practices today."