McCoy: I want to be more dominant

LeSean McCoy being interviewed by reporters on July 25, 2013. (Ed Hille/Staff Photographer)

Eagles veterans trudged into NovaCare Thursday afternoon, parrying questions about the quarterback competition, the new regime, and their eagerness to put last year's 4-12 behind them.

Running back LeSean McCoy seemed very eager to embrace the new Chip Kelly offense.

"I want to be more of a student of the game, kind of knowing everybody's position. I think as far as the talent level, I got that, I've kind of mastered it ... I want to be more dominant. The last two years, I've had good years, but I don't think I was dominant," McCoy said. "I think in this offense, with the ability to run the ball more, where I can kind of take over the game -- there's been flashes of it in the past, but having the ability to do it day in and day out, game in and game out, I think is a different story."

The Eagles' offensive line problems helped hold McCoy to 840 yards on 200 carries last season, plus 54 catches for 373 yards. In 2011 he made the Pro Bowl while leading the NFL in touchdowns with 20 and rushing touchdowns, with 17, while running for 1,309 yards on 273 carries and catching 48 passes for 315 yards.

McCoy's teammate, wideout DeSean Jackson, was asked about his comments last week, when he said he thought Michael Vick would win the quarterbacking competition with Nick Foles and Matt Barkley.

"Honestly, I just really took a guess, took an honest opinion that came from myself. We still have to go to practice, see what that's going to be like, starting tomorrow, but the competition level is great," Jackson said. "At the end of the day, I'd say Vick's been here, he's been (in the NFL) 10 years, I just think he's accomplished a great deal. His maturity level  ... it was an honest opinion from myself, but we don't know yet."

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