Mayock On The Draft: Defensive Line, Outside LBs

For the last several years, NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock has sat down with the Daily News before the draft and broken down each position. Yesterday, he looked at the offensive line. Today, he analyzes the defensive line and outside linebacker for us:


The Best

Robert Quinn

6-4, 265

40-time: 4.58

North Carolina

Mayock: ``He’s just 20 years old and didn’t play last season. I’m concerned because he’s a one-year wonder. But he had a huge year in ’09. He’s an athletic freak. He can bend. He can dip. He can accelerate and turn the corner. He’s a natural edge-rusher. People want to criticize him for lack of strength at point of attack. But the last time anybody saw any tape on him he was 19 and hadn’t even started to grow into his body. This is a kid with boom-or-bust potential. But I would bet on the kid. He was a 3-time high school wrestling champion. He understands balance, understands leverage. He’s a natural pass-rusher. He’s in my top 10.’’

Round projection: 1

The Riser

Brooks Reed

6-2 ½, 263

40-time: 4.65


Mayock: ``Beginning of the season, teams had fourth, fifth, sixth round grades on him. He’s got a great motor. He’s a defensive end that teams are looking at as a rush linebacker. Tough kid. He has some natural pass-rushing ability. I think he’ll go somewhere in the second round.’’

Round projection: 2

The Sleeper

Brandon Bair

6-6, 276

40-time: 4.92


Mayock: ``He played defensive tackle at Oregon, but I think he’s a natural 5-technique (end) in a 3-4. I think he can put another 15-20 pounds on his frame without a problem. I think he goes in the fourth or fifth round. He’s a developmental 5-technique who can eventually be a starter in the league.’’

Round projection: 4


The Best

Marcell Dareus

6-3 ¼, 319

40-time: 4.93


Mayock: ``I’d be surprised if Denver passes him up at No. 2. He’s one of those guys that you watch Alabama tape and he played nose tackle and he played 5-technique in their 3-4. When they went to their nickel stuff, sometimes they kicked him inside to 3-technique (tackle) and sometimes they left him outside at end. The guy can play every (line) position you could play. He’s a warrior. He’s a game-changer.’’

The Riser

Corey Liuget

6-2 ¼, 298

40-time: 4.97



Marvin Austin

6-1 1/2, 309

40-time: 4.89

North Carolina

Mayock: ``There are a couple of 3-techniques (DT in 4-3) rising right now – Liuget and Austin. Liuget had a great workout a few weeks ago. If he goes 15 to 20, it wouldn’t surprise me. He’s a heckuva football player. A natural 3-technique. Austin was suspended last year, but has done everything he needed to restore his reputation. He’s an explosive 3-technique. I thought there was no way he was a first-round pick a little while ago. Now, I don’t think there’s any way he gets out of the first round.’’

Round projection: 1

The Sleeper

Karl Klug

6-3, 275

40-time: 4.77


Mayock: ``He’s a ‘tweener. But you put the tape on of Iowa and they’ve got (Adrian) Clayborn at end and they’ve got (tackle) Christian Ballard, who’s probably a second-round pick. But I thought this kid was the best pure football player of the bunch. He’s 6-3, 275 with short arms and nobody knows where to play him. All I know is you’re going to be getting a football player. He’s an undersized tough kid with a great motor, and a creative defensive coordinator will find a way to get him on the field.’’

Round projection: 4


The Best

Von Miller

6-2, ¾, 240

40-time: 4.42

Texas A&M

Mayock: ``Miller is the best pure edge-rusher in the draft. He’s a natural 3-4 guy. If there’s criticism of him, it’s point of attack against the run. But he’s showed that he can play with leverage and toughness. He just doesn’t do it every snap. He’s a top 10 pick. He can do whatever you want coming off the edge.’’

Round projection: 1

The Riser

Dontay Moch

6-1 ½, 248

40-time: 4.40


Mayock: ``Moch’s a fun guy to watch. He’s incredibly raw, but his speed is going to get him drafted in the third round. He’s a raw developmental guy that, if you’re looking for a piece of clay to mold, he’d be a great one to start with. His speed by itself is going to get him known. He’s used to playing with his hand down, but he’s also played standing up (as a linebacker). They moved him around at Nevada. He has an ability to bend, accelerate. He can be a natural pass-rusher. He’s an interesting developmental kid. I like him.’’

Round projection: 3

The Sleeper

Jonas Mouton

6-1, 239

40-time: 4.89


Mayock: ``A productive kid. Kind of fell off the radar because he got caught on a bad defense that gave up a lot of yards. But he’s a better football player than people think. He’s an athletic kid who can run around and make tackles. I think he’s going to go later in the draft, but I think he’s a good football player.’’

Round projection: 6