Casey Matthews responds to fans' daggers

Casey Matthews targeted Eagles fans with his comments on Twitter. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

It has been a rough rookie season for Casey Matthews.

Thrown into the fire immediately as the starting middle linebacker, coming off an offseason with no playbook to learn, no OTAs and a defense struggling with all its new parts.

Matthews took a lot of heat, and probably unfairly.

One thing he might know now that he didn't figure a few days ago is that criticizing the fans does not sit well with ... the fans.

Matthews took to Twitter today with a series of tweets trying to clarify/make amends for comments he made yesterday to Tim McManus of Philly Sports Daily.

Writes McManus:

Now that he has taken a step back, has he come to terms with the fans?

“Have I come to terms?” he asked.

Do you understand them?

“No. I don’t think anyone will ever understand these fans. When we win they love you but when we lose it gets rough. That’s just how it is here. It’s like that in some other places, but not to this extent. Hey, just win and keep them happy.”

So you’re not exactly feeling warm and fuzzy towards Eagles nation…

“Some of them but not running off the field after a loss — not those fans. They think they know me,” Matthews said tersely.

Here was Matthews today in a series of tweets after the reaction to his initial comments:

"Setting the record straight, I appreciate the passion and loyalty that ALL Eagle Fans have. I'm just saying it's tough to hear boos at home. And I understand why you guys are all frustrated. We've been in a slump but we will get this thing rolling and give you something to cheer 4. But we need the support from the whole #EaglesNation and finish strong."


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