Marty: Turnover Issues Usually Get Fixed

Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg discuss strategy with Michael Vick. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said Thursday that he has dealt with offenses and quarterbacks having turnover problems many times in his career, and that usually, the problems get solved.

"Most of it has been a one-, two-, or three-game episode there. The players are proud men, they want to take care of the football," said Mornhinweg, whose quarterback, Michael Vick, has thrown six interceptions and lost five fumbles in five games this season. "Typically, you emphasize it, you get results. Hasn't quite shown up yet. Very few things are emphasized more than that after each play, we have possession of the ball. We'll continue to drill it."

Mornhinweg was asked if he tends to get more conservative when Vick experiences turnover problems early, as he did in the first quarter at Pittsburgh last Sunday.

"I would hope not," Mornhinweg said. "You've got to fight it just a little bit, to stay aggressive and have complete confidence, which I do.

"We need to score more points. That's my responsibility, and I take it very seriously, as you know. The biggest problem we've had is those turnovers."

Mornhinweg also said that defenses keeping their safeties back isn't a sufficient excuse for the Eagles not hitting on long strikes.

"We got Jeremy [Maclin] 1-on-1 down the field [in the Steelers game]. We're getting our opportunities. We've just gotta take advantage of 'em," he said. "The one with Jeremy, there was a little pressure, so Mike had to throw it [early]. We just didn't click on it."

Mornhinweg said he thinks Demetress Bell is comfortable now with Howard Mudd's blocking scheme. Eagles coach Andy Reid confirmed Wednesday that Bell will remain the starting left tackle, even with King Dunlap recovered from a hamstring problem.

Reporters thought of that later in the press conferences Thursday, when defensive coordinator Juan Castillo explained that Akeem Jordan retained his starting WIL spot at least in part because you don't lose your job because of injury.

Castillo praised Jordan as a "physical, smart" player.

Castillo also said his defense, which has recovered only one fumble this season, works on stripping the ball every day.


Right tackle Todd Herremans spoke Thursday about the fact that the Eagles' o-line faces this week, of all things, a wide 9 defensive front.

“They jump the snap count," Herremans said. "If they get off the ball before you do, then you’re going to be in a little trouble, especially on passing downs. The other thing is, it just creates different angles. I’m not saying that it’s beneficial to one side or the other, there’s just different angles you have to take when you’re running the same plays you ran against the other fronts.”


Punter Mat McBriar talked about his first punt in Pittsburgh, which traveled only 25 yards, from the Steelers' 43 to their 18:

“Right before the anthem, I was out there kicking in that direction and the ball seemed to be traveling just fine. And then I got out there and it seemed like it hit this wall,” McBriar said. “I was like, ‘You’re kidding me, it went nowhere.’ … I definitely wasn’t aiming for the 18. It just sort of stood up.”