Wake Me When The Season Starts


Update: Well, it's 23-7 Colts and Lucas Oil Stadium is emptying, midway through the fourth quarter. The Leonard Weaver knee injury, severity unknown, is the worst development of the night. Not a lot of great developments. Jason Babin certainly played his way into the defensive end picture. Rob Myers is getting a ton of reps at tight end. This might not bode well for the Eugene Bright experiment, trying to turn the DE from Purdue (and Harriton High) into a TE.

Previously: All the Eagles' offense needed was for DeSean Jackson to slip behind the coverage for a very nice 39-yard TD strike from Donovan McNabb. Now it's 14-7. Andy Reid giving Shady McCoy a little tutorial on the sideline. During the drive, Nick Cole went to the penalty box for tripping. Also, Leonard Weaver has suffered a knee sprain and will not return. That is an ominous development; Weaver was one of the best things about last week's preseason opener, at least about the part of it your Eagletarian witnessed before the Michael Vickathon began. 

That was McNabb's last play, ending the evening at 5 for 7 for 77 yards and a TD. A.J. Feeley's first drive in, Nick Cole and LeSean McCoy nearly got him killed. Shady's blitz pickup looked like a guy trying to hail a cab.

Previously: Well, Peyton Manning fumbled the ball away on a sack by Jason Babin, Akeem Jordan recovering, and the Birds were in great shape at the Colts' 24. On third and 4 from the 13, though, King Dunlap totally whiffed on Dwight Freeney, not what Donovan McNabb wants to see filling up his facemask, especially in a preseason game. McNabb ended up fumbling the ball away to Keyunta Dawson.

Next play, total coverage bust, Ellis Hobbs thought he was handing Reggie Wayne off to somebody who was not there. Seventy-six yards, 14-0. Yikes. Manning then called it a day, having shredded Sean McDermott's D for 167 yards on 10 completions (14 attempts) and 2 TDs.

Previously: Ouch.. The Eagles finally forced a third-and-10, and actually got a little pressure from right defensive end Jason Babin, only to have Peyton Manning find Joseph Addai, working aganst Joe Mays, with Quintin Demps hustling over to help. First and goal at the Birds' 3. And 2 plays later, 7-0, after Manning throws a perfect fade to his right, connecting with Anthony Gonzalez against Asante Samuel. On the previous play, Gonzalez broke up what might have been an end zone pick for Samuel.

Twelve plays, 81 yards, not the best of opening drives for the Eagles' D.