Maclin talks about being a rookie

Jeremy Maclin talks with the media prior to cleaning out his locker for the offseason. (Sarah J. Glover / Staff Photographer)

Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin did an interview with the Columbia Missourian and talked about his rookie season, how life is different between college and the pros and whether anyone on the Eagles could beat him in a foot race.

Here are some excerpts, but click here for the full interview.

On the difficulty of learning the Eagles' offense: "You’ve got to be determined. You’ve got to want to learn it. You’ve got to want to play. Part of wanting to play is knowing everything that you have to do to play. I mean I wasn’t beating myself up about it. I’m a fast learner, I pick up things fairly easily. It was a little easier for me about the process than maybe some other people. It’s just something I pride myself on. You’ve got to play the game smart. The greatest players who ever played were smart guys you know."

On the biggest challenge of the season: "I guess that first game, when I wasn’t getting very much playing time, knowing that I was ready and knowing that I was able to play with the guys that were out there playing. Not being able to go out there and do it and only playing in a limited role, that’s been challenging because that’s something I wasn’t used to and something I really hadn’t been through in a long time."

On the difference between college and pro football: "I mean in college, every game counts, but in the NFL it’s even more. You don’t get to play any, as they say, “get-ready” games. Everybody on the different teams can play football. So it’s better playing. It’s also long. It really drains your body. You really got to train to keep your body in shape, to maintain it. Obviously I had the foot problem plantar fasciitis. That was really tough, because you know it’s one of those things that, it sounds like its real small, but not having your feet, and still having to play, I mean it affects your game a lot."

On who is faster, Maclin or DeSean Jackson?: "You know we’ve never raced. I think he has really, really good speed. Not many of us have ever raced, but I’m telling you right now, if there is a guy that could beat me on the Eagles it would be him. But not too many people can beat me running, so we’ll see."