Maclin: Shoulder Separated, Pain Is Issue

Jeremy Maclin hopes to return to the lineup against the Patriots. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin said he was able to practice without restriction today, but will have to see how the rest of the week goes before he knows if he can play against the Patriots Sunday.

The Eagles officially listed Maclin as a "limited" practice participant, meaning he didn't take part in everything.

Maclin said he has a shoulder separation and a Grade II sprain of the shoulder and AC joint, which is "not completely healed," but the main issue with playing is managing pain.

"I guess we'll see" about playing Sunday, he said. "Obviously, I want to."

Maclin also has a hamstring strain that is troublesome, he said.


This will be Eagles corner Asante Samuel's first regular season game against his former team, since coming to the Birds as a free agent in 2008. Samuel was asked about his most lasting memory of playing with Pats quarterback Tom Brady.

"When Randy Moss was there and I was there, we'd always just compete," Samuel said. "I always liked to see him get red in the face and neck when I was getting the best of him in practice ... He's a diehard competitior, a true soldier, a true warrior, a lot of heart. You love to play with a guy like that."


It seems likely Vince Young will again quarterback the Eagles this week. Young confirmed Andy Reid's report, that Michael Vick was the first to call Young after the victory over the Giants.

"He was very excited about the last drive, how everybody was in tune, making plays, making great catches," Young said. 

Young was asked how many questions he answered in Sunday night's win.

"It's still open,' he said. "Like I said, it's not about me."