Lurie: 'We're ready to roll'

"Let’s play some football. I can’t wait." Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said. (Clem Murray/Staff file photo)

Here are comments from Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie in Atlanta after the owners voted for a new collective bargaining agreement. We are still waiting for the players to vote, at this hour.

"Let’s play some football. I can’t wait. We went through months and months of trying to work something out and I’m just really happy with what got worked out was a 10-year agreement. You don’t want to go through this every 3-4 years. You want to arrive at something fair to everybody and I think we’ve done that. It’s been a lot of compromise and a lot of battling over issues. What happens is you arrive at a compromise that serves everybody. nobody s absolutely happy withi t but you have ot put the game above it all. I think it’s a great agreement."

"I was always confident sometime in the summer, hopefully in time for training camp that something would get resolved. I was always optimistic. I always felt we had a great relationship with our players. We knew some of their concerns for work rules and things like that. I just felt that calmer minds over time would prevail. It just made sense because the sport is so popular. How can you back off from something so popular and not allow it to start on time and continue in such a great way."

"When the league year starts … we’re ready to roll with some free agency and of course the possibility of trades. We’ve had so much time to work this in terms of strategy, planning. It’s an exciting process. We’re in a good position to make quality moves that we really think will help the team .. We’re a team that is very optimistic about what we can accomplish soon."

"We feel will find a way to hopefully start training camp on time, give the opportunity for the players to get in shape in a quicker form of preparation. I think we’re just all so excited to get this past us. What it comes down to is we want to get down to football. That is why we are all in this."

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