Lurie Had Reservations About Castillo Promotion Last Year

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie admitted Tuesday that he had serious reservations about Andy Reid’s decision to promote his longtime offensive line coach, Juan Castillo, to defensive coordinator last year.

``Yes, I did,’’ he said. ``But I let Andy make that call. I respected his decision. He felt it was the best thing to do at the time and I don’t interfere in that area.’’

And just to be clear, the decision Tuesday to fire Castillo six games into his second season as defensive coordinator also was Reid’s and Reid’s alone.

``I will never do that,’’ Lurie said when asked if he had anything to do with the decision to replace Castillo with secondary coach Todd Bowles. ``The way I operate, a coach is responsible for his staff. Succeed and fail based on who he chooses and his own performance. I don’t trigger that.’’

Lurie said he felt bad for Castillo.

``He preceded Andy,’’ he said. ``I’ve known his family since they were little kids. He’s done nothing but work really hard. Maybe he was put in an unfortunate position too early. That’s what I would say. That’s not Juan’s fault that he was put in that position too early.’’