Lurie Downplays 'Dream Team' Tag

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie held his annual training camp state of the union address Thursday. The man clearly has learned from experience.

Even with all of the free agents his team has signed, even though many are suggesting the Eagles now are the team to beat in the NFC, Lurie wisely made no mention of multiple Super Bowls or being the gold standard.

In fact, after he was done poor-mouthing his team for nearly a half hour, I was half-convinced they may not win a game this season.

Asked about Vince Young’s "dream team" comment and Jason Babin’s "I feel like we’re the Miami Heat... except we win the last game," tweet, Lurie said, "Yeah, those were players that don’t know us that well. We’re about as far from being a dream team as you can be. We’re playing catch up.

"The only dream team I know about is the Green Bay Packers. We dream to become as good as the Packers and hold that trophy. And before last year, you could say the New Orleans Saints. Those are the dream teams."

Lurie portrayed the Eagles as a "blue collar football team." He said, "Players like Jason Avant and Mike Patterson, I think they’re the identity of the team we have."

When someone suggested that the Eagles may be the best team in the NFC after the additions of players like Babin and Cullen Jenkins and Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Ronnie Brown and Ryan Harris, he proceeded to give scouting reports on about eight other NFC teams he thought should be considered as legitimate Super Bowl contenders. "And I’m sure there will be some surprise teams I didn’t even mention," he said. "That’s the dose of reality I have."

Some more from Lurie’s news conference:

--On whether the Phillies; aggressive approach had any impact on the Eagles going "all in" this year: "It’s so different. It’s a completely different evolution. We have a salary cap. We're trying to maximize players. They’re done a great job with their pitching staff and I admire it. But I don’t feel, philosophically, there’s been any change (in our approach). This was a very, very unique marketplace. We wanted to be very agile and strike."

--On cornerback Asante Samuel and the possibility of trading him: "He’s a great guy, terrific cornerback. In terms of playing with Nnamdi and DRC, talk about being opportunistic. He’s finally going to have a situation where they’re going to have to throw the ball in his direction. This is sort of a unique situation for Asante that way."

--On re-signing quarterback Michael Vick: "Michael’s healthy and in his prime and I look forward to having Mike here for many, many years."