Lorenzo Booker: a West Coast back

Well, the Eagles finally added something other than more draft picks. They sent their fourth-round selection (115 overall) to Miami for running back Lorenzo Booker, a third-round Miami rookie last season, from Florida State. Presumably, with the regime change in Miami, Booker is no longer a good fit in the offense.

   He seems like the Eagles' kind of guy. Talking with Philadelphia-area reporters on a conference call, Booker said that during his rookie season, in which he caught 28 passes for 237 yards, "I wanted to line up a little more in the slot."

   Booker, 5-10, 191, also carried 28 times, for 125 yards. He said he was shocked to get the call from the Birds, but "given the situation I'm going into, I can't say that I'm the least bit upset."


Here is the transcript of the conference call that Lorenzo Booker had with Philadelphia-area reporters:

On whether he was expecting to be traded from the Dolphins:

“No, not at all.  I was definitely shocked. It is kind of weird, because everything has been going so well here. It’s not to say that what just happened was a bad thing, but the question was, was I shocked. Usually, when things are going good, you don’t expect something like that to happen, but because of the situation that I am going to, I can’t say that I am the least bit upset. It’s a spread offense and again, I was looking at [RB Brian] Westbrook’s numbers from last season. Anytime you can get a chance to play in a offense like that, you have to be excited.”

On whether catching passes is a strength of his:

“Catching passes is definitely a strength of mine. I love catching the ball as much as I love running with it. Again, I got a chance to play a lot towards the end of the year, particularly catching the ball at first and that was one of the things I excelled in. I wanted to line up a bit more in the slot to show I could do that. So, hopefully that is something I can get a chance to do in Philly.”

On whether he had experience returning kicks and punts in college:

“No, I really didn’t get a chance to do that. We had [Jets RB] Leon Washington and obviously, you know he can do that pretty well. After that, we had [Steelers WR] Willie Reed, so we were pretty stout at that position.”

 On whether he was watching the draft today:

“Yeah, I actually was sitting here, checking it out.”

On whether he thought he would be a part of this year’s draft:

“No, I was just laughing about that. This is not even my draft and here I am, on the phone again. It’s just kind of funny when you think about it.”

 On whether he will be here for mini-camp:


On whether he has had time to digest the trade:

“No, not really. I am trying to digest it the same time I am talking with you.  I am still trying to figure out what kind of tape I am going to wear, what kind of mouthpiece I am going to get to go with that kind of color. So, I am thinking about my dress code now. “

On what was going well for him in Miami last year:

“Well, I was able to show everybody else the kind of player that I am. My teammates knew it the entire time. Why I didn’t get on the field sooner, I don’t’ know. That is something that a lot of people wanted to know. Obviously, having the respect of your teammates is the most important thing, but again, at the end of the season, I would get people from other teams, coaches included, saying ‘what took them so long to play you?’ My coaches would send me text messages and stuff like that. Whenever you get in a situation like that, you always feel like you are doing what you are supposed to do. I figured if I weren’t, they would let me know. Again, I understand the game and being traded is not a bad thing, like some people think it is, especially when you are going to such a good situation.”