Looks Like No Reggie

     A.J. Feeley showed some good hands, filling in as a scout team wideout in Friday's Eagles practice.

    We're really not supposed to tell you stuff that happens on the field in practice. If A.J. turns out to be the Birds' secret weapon Sunday against St. Louis we could be banned from NovaCare for life. But your Eagletarian is willing to take that risk, to defend your right to know (if only I had video, like Stephen Colbert -- a screeching Eagle, a billowing flag, some patriotic music. Feel free to fill in that part for yourselves.)

    The thing is, though, Feeley was catching passes because the Eagles had four healthy wideouts, for their final real workout leading up to the season opener. Two more on the practice squad. Reggie Brown (hamstring) did not practice Friday and is listed as doubtful, so it's very likely that the Birds will open the season without either of their returning starters at wide receiver. Kevin Curtis, you might have heard, is recovering from sports hernia surgery.

     So it's wide-receiver-by-committee this week -- the issue fans most love to obsess about, front and center in Week 1. DeSean Jackson will be the flanker -- keeping things simple for the rookie, he only has to know one set of patterns and responsibilities. The other three guys -- Hank Baskett, Greg Lewis, and Jason Avant -- will rotate around, sort of like a volleyball team.

   "Being a rookie, coming into a starting spot like that, it's very tough, but you just got to do what you've got to do to get the job done ... I'm juiced, pumped-up," Jackson said Friday.

      Brown seemed on target to play when he practiced Wednesday, but he hasn't practiced since. Eagles coach Andy Reid said Friday that Brown "just didn't feel right" after practicing, that he stretched for a catch and felt a tug. That would seem to be Andyspeak for "he reinjured himself."

    No, not Todd PinkstonSo, not to be Chicken Little or anything, but we could be talking about Brown missing more than just the opener here, with a Monday Night date in Dallas (gulp) next on the agenda.

   Reid said he felt 4 wideouts was plenty and said there are no plans for a roster move.

    Elsewhere on the injury report, running back Lorenzo Booker (hip), defensive end Chris Clemons (calf), safety Sean Considine (hand) and safety Brian Dawkins (ankle) were all listed as probable.

On the Rams' side of the injury report, cornerback Fakhir Brown (shoulder), running back Brian Leonard (shoulder) and center Brett Romberg (hand) were listed as probable. All three were full participants in practice. Wide receiver Donnie Avery (knee) was ruled out. Avery is the guy the Rams drafted 33rd overall, when DeSean Jackson thought they might be drafting him. Jackson lasted until 49th overall. But he proudly notes that he beat Avery in the 40 at the combine (4.35 official timing, vs.4.39).