Eagles Fans Optimistic About Lockout's End

Sixty percent of Eagles fans are optimistic the lockout will end before the season begins. (Steven M. Falk/Staff file photo)

The NFL draft starts two weeks from tomorrow, as strange as that seems in a league where players aren't allowed to speak to their coaches or show up at the team facility to work out.

The only NFL news being made outside courtrooms and judge's chambers these days is the weird kind. You probably saw that Titans wideout Kenny Britt was arrested yesterday after leading police on a high-speed chase in Bayonne, N.J. Let me be the 4,000th person to point out what we can infer from this -- since Britt WAS caught, we know no Eagles cornerbacks are moonlighting as police officers in Bayonne during the lockout.

Also, the 49ers fired their radio guy, Gary Plummer, quite possibly because of an interview he gave that was all kinds of explicit about his sexual exploits. Trying to envision Merrill Reese ... nah, let's not go there.

Let's go here instead. One of the bosses, probably in the vain hope of getting me to do some actual worklockout graphic during a fairly slack time, passed along the results of some polling done as part of the Philly Fan Project, conducted by Temple's Sport Industry Research Center on behalf of the Daily News.

Turns out, y'all are pretty optimistic about the lockout, to the extent that you care. Of 1,145 people surveyed, 64 percent feel no games will be lost. Sure hope you're right about that.

Another question tried to measure something those of us having to write stories about this mess wonder about all the time, which is how much you are following the twists and turns. A whopping 19 percent of you are "very interested," which isn't a lot. But 41 percent are "somewhat interested," which is enough to keep me cranking out the updates, I guess. Twelve percent identify themselves as "neutral." The final two categories are "somewhat disinterested" (16 percent of you) and "very disinterested," (12 percent) which is where I have a bone to pick with the Temple folks.

Technically, everyone who says they are "disinterested," should be put in the "neutral" category, since that's what "disinterested" means. Trial judges are "disinterested," meaning they have no stake in the outcome. What the question is trying to measure is if you are "uninterested" which is something completely different. But I assume the people answering the question were not usuage sticklers, took "disinterested" as "uninterested," and that those percentages are accurate.

Another question gave a list of choices people might make to occupy their time if there is no NFL this year. Looks like the primary beneficiary would be college football (36 percent say they'd have more interest), which stands to reason, since that's probably the closest thing to the NFL. Eighteen percent say they'd pay more attention to the Phils, 14 percent said they'd pay less attention to sports overall. The "other" category netted 12 percent, which is kinda high for write-ins, so I decided to check that out. Among the things people said they'd do if there was no NFL was "go hang myself." Nice to know you care, not sure you should care quite that much.  

  Also, 57.62 percent of you feel the owners are more to blame, 42.38 feel it's the players.

The survey also asked about fans' draft priorities, the draft being the one thing we know really is going to happen. Fifty percent of you would go offensive line in the first round. Twenty-six percent say defensive back, 20 percent defensive line, and four percent "other."

Oh, and 81 percent of you think Kevin Kolb plays elsewhere this season, which no doubt is what Kevin is hoping, as well.