Lito's Glad to Hear Drew's Working Hard

     Lito Sheppard stopped for a moment to talk with reporters as he left the locker room area at lunchtime with his 2-year-old son, Terrell. That's "Ter-rell," by the way, not "Terr-ell," Lito pointed out, so the Sheppards probably won't have to worry about the little fella leaving day care and going to home for situps in the driveway, or anything.

     Sheppard's new agent, Drew Rosenhaus, can be viewed in an online video comparing Lito's situation to Brian Westbrook's, and asserting that like Westbrook, Lito wants a new deal before the season starts.

     "I'm letting Drew do his job, and I'm doing mine," said Sheppard, who was not aware of the video in which Rosenhaus made that assertion, until reporters told him about it yesterday. "If Drew feels that's what needs to be done, that's what he's doing. And I'm out here playing football, so that's what I'm doing."

    Sheppard said he touches base with Rosenhaus every day, "because it is an unresolved situation."

   "In doing that, I still have to do my day-to-day job," Sheppard said. 

     That's probably a wise course, because Eagles management says it does not view Sheppard and Westbrook as comparable situations, and continues to insist there is no way Sheppard, who has missed 14 games with injuries the past three years, is getting a new deal before the season.

     Meanwhile, Westbrook sat out yesterday's practice with what the Eagles described as a "viral illness."

  A "real" sportswriter   Reporters desperately attempting to amuse one another along the sideline pondered when Westbrook might have contracted such an illness. (Get it? That's real sportswriter humor, right there, and unlike much of its ilk, it can be posted on a G-rated site.)

    The assumption is that the Eagles are talking to Westbrook's new agent, Todd France, about a deal, which is complicated by various restrictions put forth in the collective bargaining agreement. France has not responded to Eagletarian's calls, e-mails, attempts to communicate by carrier pigeon, public taunts or the nice fruit basket we sent.  

    Brian Dawkins (hyperexetended knee), Ryan Moats (ankle), Asante Samuel (hamstring), L.J. Smith (calf) and Kimo von Oelhoffen (knee) sat out. Joselio Hanson (right quad contusion) and Sean Considine (right oblique strain) left during practice.

     Crunch Time

    * Tony Hunt, who has three running backs ahead of him and decided to show up at training camp a little heavy anyway, tried to turn the left corner and was snuffed by Omar Gaither and Trent Cole.

 * Darren Howard again was all over the place, with at least three "sacks." (In camp, that's when you get to the QB and they blow the play dead, nobody hits the quarterback.) The faded 2006 free agent star signee is making the most of the opportunity presented by Victor Abiamiri's injury.

  *David Akers wowed the crowd with a strong 60-yard field goal.

*Correll Buckhalter, getting some first-unit reps in Brian Westbrook's absence, ripped through the left side for a 32-yard touchdown run.

   *Nice, crisp play-action red zone TD from Donovan McNabb to Reggie Brown.

*DeSean Jackson seemed to fly through the secondary after catching a Kevin Kolb pass on a short crossing pattern.

 *Bam Childress took a huge hit from Sean Considine but held on to the pass.

*McNabb found Hank Baskett in the left corner of the end zone, and Baskett outjumped Quintin Demps for a TD. 

    Your Eagletarian will not be at Lehigh for Saturday's practice, but unless someone comes up with a $20 million "marketing" deal to keep us from returning to camp on Sunday, look for more then.