Lito Shuffles

     Lito Sheppard sent word Monday through an Eagles spokesman that he would NOT talk to reporters at the conclusion of minicamp, though Sheppard had said he would, in his brief remarks when he reported on Friday. But the reporters knew Lito -- a polite, solid, standup guy ever since he arrived in 2002 -- and they figured that if enough cameras and tape recorders gathered in front of his locker stall as he prepared to leave, he would not brusquely sweep past them.

      Sure enough, one guy engaged Lito in a discussion about SUV gas mileage, and before long, the camera lights were on and the cornerback was speaking into microphones. He didn't say much to clarify how he feels about the Eagles' unwieldy corner situation going forward -- most conspicuously, he declined to answer whether he felt the situation could be resolved without a trade. And he wouldn't say whether he'll be at NovaCare June 3, starting date for the next camp (officially called an OTA, or organized team activity) involving established vets such as himself.

      But he did make it clear he does NOT have his boxers in a bunch over having to share the field or the row of locker stalls with $57 million free agent Asante Samuel, even though Sheppard is displeased with his contract, which runs through 2011 and will pay him a $2 million base salary this year.

      "We just want to work on one accord and get better, and make each other better," Sheppard said. "He's a good player. Whenever you get a chance to watch another good player at your position, you definitely can learn some things. I'm all about improving. With us watching each other, hey, you can only get better from that. Competition is what brings the best out of everybody.

      "I talk to everybody ... I ain't got no beef with Asante. We're from the same part of the United States, Florida. It's a common bond in that. It's all love, from that standpoint."

      Sheppard said he didn't "feel anything, one way or the other" about whether he remains an Eagle or is traded.

      By the way, it's high time for an accompanying Boz Scaggs link. You know you're humming it under your breath.