Linc's playing surface gets low rating

Lincoln Financial Field is a great place to watch a game, but it is not the best place to play one, at least according to NFL players.

The Linc's DD Grassmaster surface was ranked 26th among the 31 stadiums, according to a survey of 1,565 active NFL players conducted by the players union and released Thursday. The Linc was the fourth-worst playing surface among the 18 grass fields in the league. Only Chicago, Pittsburgh and Oakland were ranked lower among the grass fields.

The last time the survey was done in 2006, the Linc's field was ranked 23rd overall and was seventh-worst among grass surfaces. New England was ranked as the worst grass field in 2006, but Gillette Stadium is now 12th overall thanks to a new artificial surface. Kansas City's and Cleveland's stadiums have also moved ahead of the Birds in the current survey.

Here are the results of the survey of top playing surfaces released Thursday (natural grass unless otherwise noted):

1. Arizona
2. Tampa Bay
3. San Diego
4. Carolina
5. Indianapolis (FieldTurf)
6. Seattle (FieldTurf)
7. Baltimore (Sportexe)
8. Jacksonville
9. Atlanta (FieldTurf)
10. Detroit (FieldTurf)
11. New Orleans (Sportexe)
12. New England (FieldTurf)
13. Denver
14. Green Bay
15. Washington
16. St. Louis (FieldTurf)
17. Miami
18. Houston
19. New York Giants/Jets (FieldTurf)
20. Tennessee
21. San Francisco
22. Cincinnati (FieldTurf)
23. Kansas City
24. Minnesota (FieldTurf)
25. Cleveland
26. Philadelphia
27. Buffalo (Astroplay)
28. Chicago
29. Dallas (RealGrass)
30. Pittsburgh
31. Oakland