Limited Role for Brown?

    Reggie Brown took part Saturday in the Eagles' final substantive workout before their Monday Night date in Dallas with the Cowboys. Eagles coach Andy Reid said Brown is still listed as "questionable" with his monthlong hamstring injury and will not play the entire game, but Reid left open the possibility of a limited role for the starting wideout.

    "He wouldn't play every play," Reid said. "That's not what we would do there. We would, obviously, rotate him."

    Here's a thought: You activate Brown as a fifth receiver. Last week you only had four WRs active, and three tight ends. Matt Schobel, the third TE, barely got on the field, seemed to play no special teams role. Do you need three active tight ends? Activate Brown instead, and even if he's on for a half-dozen snaps, you give the Cowboys something to think about. That's assuming, of course, Brown can participate without reinjuring himself. If that's a big risk, then you sit him again.

      In other news, Reid said he felt like there would be no Hurricane Ike-related problems by the time the Eagles are scheduled to fly to Dallas, Sunday afternoon.

     Speaking of Dallas: Perhaps you witnessed the discussion on Friday’s Daily News Live of the ad purchased in the Daily News this week by a Dallas “gentlemen’s club,” presumably hoping to draw the attention of Eagles fans headed to that Texas city for Monday’s game. 
     Your Eagletarian doesn’t understand what the big fuss is about.
      Undoubtedly, traveling Bird-watchers would be equally well-served by ads touting the symphonies, ballets, poetry-readings and cotillions taking place in Dallas this weekend, but let us not look askance at our rougher-hewn southwestern cousins. Given that their young city only recently – perhaps within the past fortnight – banished wandering livestock and blowing tumbleweeds from its dusty boulevards, one cannot expect to enjoy all of the familiar trappings of civilization. 
        Eagles fans no doubt will find respite amid refined establishments in DallasIf they have indeed managed to carve a “gentlemen’s club” out of the windswept prairie, I, for one, shout “Huzzah!” I’m not sure exactly what charms said establishment is proffering, but I surmise it will be something like the Union League – a place for jolly fellows of the right sort to convene and enjoy enlightened conversation, perhaps some brandy, and a bit of manly japery.
      I am certain traveling Eagles followers will welcome this opportunity for fellowship. In fact, I am hoping one of them will have packed an extra tux for your Eagletarian, who stupidly neglected to include black-tie accoutrements among his kit.
      Usually it is not difficult to identify Eagles fans in foreign cities -- they tend to be the ones wearing the midnight green cummerbunds.