Leno sidekicks wager on Eagles-Giants

Seems like everyone is getting into the act for the Eagles-Giants game.

"Tonight Show" host Jay Leno has come up with a wager between band leader and Philly native Kevin Eubanks and announcer and Giants fan John Melendez.

"Let me explain what happened," Leno said during Wednesday's monologue. "We has a bit of an outburst the last couple of nights. John's a Giants fan; Kev's an Eagles fan. To keep them from arguing in the monologue -- they kept interrupting me -- if the Giants win, Kev has to shave his moustache. If the Eagles win John has to shave his head."

What should the title of Sunday’s Eagles-Giants playoff game be?

  • 1657 (46.6%)
  • 229 (6.4%)
  • 1097 (30.8%)
  • 490 (13.8%)
  • 84 (2.4%)
  • 3557


Check back later for reports from Eagles practice and Giants practice.