Lehigh eager for Eagles

The bleachers and other preparations have been happening at Lehigh for nearly 2 weeks, just in case.

Well, just in case arrived today with the end of the NFL lockout.

The Eagles will arrive at Lehigh on Wednesday and begin with conditioning. Under the new rules, the first two days will be without pads, so it is possible that camp will not be open to the public until Friday or the weekend.

The Eagles' training camp schedule is expected to be released tomorrow. They are coming to Lehigh for the 16th camp.

"The labor issue certainly put the camp at risk and created the need for more flexibility in our approach," Lehigh athletic director Joe Sterrett said. "The Eagles have been very professional and sensitive throughout the lockout. They have kept us as informed as possible, which was quite limited by the closed nature of the collective bargaining process.

"However, we are ready for their arrival and for the fans who make the trek to camp to check out the team. We will be fully ready for the team to arrive as early as Wednesday, and ready for the public by the end of the week. We have a little more work to do with fencing and stands but everything else is ready to go."