Leaning Back to McNabb?

   There is nothing like a hearty postgame meal at the Chesapeake House I-95 rest stop, late on a Sunday night, with the pungent fumes from the cleaning crew wafting past, to clarify one's thinking.

  What your Eageltarian is thinking is that Andy Reid is going to try to unring the bell.

   Reid is expected to announce at noon whether Donovan McNabb or Kevin Kolb will start Thursday against the Cardinals. The more I think about it, the more I'm pretty sure Reid was laying the groundwork after the game to go back to McNabb. There was that Reid quote about a player sometimes needing to step back in order to go ahead. Before that, there was the mere fact that Reid said he had a decision to make, that he didn't come out and say he was sticking with the decision he made at halftime Sunday, to go with Kolb. Then there is the nearly unprecedented situation of having two real preparation days -- today and tomorrow - before Wednesday's walk-trough and Thursday's game. That would be almost as impossible a situation for Kolb as Sunday was, against a defense that had allowed 43 points in four previous home games.

    Of course, even if McNabb starts Thursday's game, that doesn't mean he'll finish it.

   By the way, Reid went out of his way Sunday to emphasize how badly this loss reflected on him. It was more than his usual "I didn't put the players in a position to make plays" boilerplate. You almost had to wonder if Reid agrees with many fans, that his time here has passed.