LaJuan Ramsey to Niners

The San Francisco 49ers announced that they have claimed and been granted defensive tackle LaJuan Ramsey off waivers. Ramsey is among six defensive tackles listed on the Niners' roster, led by starters Ronald Fields and Aubrayo Franklin.

Ramsey was among the players cut by the Eagles last Friday as the Birds got down to the 80-man roster limit. The Birds thought he was a pretty good sixth-round find early in 2006; he was activated for the first five games that season, and might have been the top sub d-tackle. But Ramsey's star faded later that season. He was active for only nine games last season, and sat for the final four.

Reports indicate that the Giants and New England also put in a claim for Ramsey.


We came across this one yesterday and thought it was a little strange, but figured it was worth sharing. You might remember the play against Dallas last season in which Brian Westbrook did not score a touchdown in order to let more time run off the clock and clinch the victory. Of course, that was much to the chagrin of many fantasy football players. Turns out one of those players was the Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald and he let Westbrook know about it at the Pro Bowl. "You ruined my fantasy football team," Fitzgerald said.

Also, Donovan McNabb and his parents will be making several appearances around the Philadelphia area today to talk about high blood pressure treatment. They also will be on "Daily News Live" tonight on Comcast SportsNet.