Kolb: 'You always want to play'

Borrowing a page from his coach, Kevin Kolb said he was “not getting into all that, no way” when asked whether he should regain the job as the starting quarterback.

“You always want to play,” Kolb said. “We’re excited about today. We have confidence in whoever is out there. I think that is the way the team approaches it. I want to be out there. I trust Andy to make the right decision.”

Kolb then gave his teammates credit for being able to adjust each week with the changes, especially with Kolb as a righty and Vick a lefty. He also said he never lacks confidence in himself and his ability.

Kolb was 23-for-29 for 326 yards with three touchdowns and one interception. His passer rating was 133.6.

Kolb said the biggest thing he learned on the sidelines and watching Michael Vick was “just trying to play the game.” Kolb said he was trying to be too “perfect with my execution.”

“I’m just out there trying to play the game,” he said. “You just concentrate on what you do and try to play the position the best you know how and keep improving the best I know how.”

After nearly two games in which Kolb threw the ball underneath more often than going long, the Eagles broke out the big plays today.

Kolb has been dogged by questions about his arm strength in some quarters.

“I don’t ever doubt it,” he said. “The guys when they see me throw it in practice and in games, they don’t doubt it, either … If there needs to be an answer then today was a decent day for it. I was glad to get those big plays right off the bat.”

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