Kolb: 'It's a shame'

A disappointed Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb said the Saints did not do anything that he was not expecting, but took the blame for the mistakes that he made.

Kolb finished 31-for-51 for 391 yards, with two touchdowns and three interceptions. The 391 yards are the 12th-most by an Eagles quarterback.

"There really are a lot of things I can learn from and do better at," Kolb said. "It’s a shame."

Of the interceptions, including one that was returned for a touchdown, Kolb said: "The last one— Hail Mary okay—but the other two they were bad throws. I saw it clear as day they were bad throws. I left them inside and you can’t do that on out breaking routes, first page of the quarterback book. It just upsets me that I make those errors.”

After the Eagles trailed 7-0 on their opponent's first possession for the second consecutive game, Kolb led the Birds on a four-play, 85-yard drive capped by DeSean Jackson's 71-yard touchdown reception.

"I was excited to get that way because we needed the crowd on our side and they were on our side," Kolb said. "We needed that energy. We had to answer at that point because we knew [QB Drew] Brees and the Saints—we didn’t want them to get the big lead on us like they ended up doing ... It was exciting, it was exciting for my first drive and it’s just a shame that we couldn’t punch some more in in the red zone down there before the half. Even when we were backed up before half, when they went down and scored the next series, we had a play there that I missed that we could’ve gotten a first down and scored and then we’ve got the lead at halftime."

Reid said Kolb would be the starter next week against Kansas City if Donovan McNabb is not able to play.

"Right now I was the starter this game, if I’m taking the reps tomorrow and Wednesday then I’m going to approach it like I’m the starter for the next week," Kolb said. "That’s the one thing I have learned in my three years, you have to do that because if you’re not mentally prepared you’re obviously not going to be physically and emotionally prepared for the game. That’s the one thing I learned today is there are a lot of emotional roller coasters throughout the game and you’ve got to conserve some of that.” 


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