Kolb remains for now, Seahawks out of running

Kevin Kolb will remain an Eagle for at least one more day. (Clem Murray/Staff file photo)

UPDATED: Seattle has agreed to terms with former Minnesota quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, according to Danny O'Neil, of the Seattle Times.

That would take them out of the potential Kevin Kolb sweepstakes, or it could mean that they went to Jackson after learning that a Kolb trade was all but set to Arizona.

EARLIER: If Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb expected to be traded today, it looks like he’s going to be disappointed. A club source told me a little while ago that Kolb will not be traded today. Make of it what you will.

Kolb has not reported to the team’s NovaCare training facility today, and it’s unlikely they’re going to make him fly up from Texas for the start of training camp at Lehigh tomorrow. My guess is they’ve told him to stay put until a deal is done.

Kolb’s contract situation could be slowing things down. He’s got one year left on his deal and almost certainly wants to do a long-term deal with his new employer. But if he does a new deal now, he wouldn’t be allowed to practice until the start of the league year, which is August 4. Considering that he’s going be learning a brand new offensive system, he needs to be on the field for every possible snap. The parameters would allow him to take part in any classroom and off-the-field work.

His option would be to work out the parameters of a new deal before the trade, but not sign it until August 4.

Kolb said last week during an interview on the Dan Patrick Show that he hoped the process of working out a new deal with his new team would be relatively smooth.

"There is no way to predict it," he said. "I think everybody out there kinda knows what we’re looking for from what we have said in the past. I’m sure there are going to be some hiccups."

Nearly everyone -- including Kolb -- has been assuming he will be dealt to Arizona, with Seattle as the backup plan. Out in Seattle, our understanding is that there hasn't been much Kolb talk in the media, that the Seahawks have been linked to names like Tavaris Jackson and Matt Leinert. The Seahawks are known to have been interested in Kolb in the past.

One possibility here is that Seattle isn't all that interested now, but is trying to drive up the price for the NFC West rival Cards, just as the Cards did to the Seahawks last season, when Seattle was trading for QB Charlie Whitehurst.

In Arizona, the Arizona Republic is reporting that the Cardinals have had talks regarding four potential options: Trade talks with the Eagles for Kolb and with the Broncos for Kyle Orton. And talks with the agents for Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and for Ravens quarterback Marc Bulger.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt declined to talk about specific players when he met with reporters today, but said he did not expect to trade for or sign a quarterback today.


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