Karma Bites The Rams

   Fans of  the TV show "My Name is Earl" probably recognized the leveling hand of karma in the second quarter of the Eagles' opener.

   Dominating the Rams up and down the field, the Birds were temporarily stalled by a 26-yard pass interference penalty on Quinitin Mikell that got St. Louis out of a hole and threatened to put the Rams back in the game. But when the Eagles got the ball back, on third and 8 from their 10, with the Rams calling timeouts to get another crack before halftime, the heavens smiled upon the Birds.

   Apparently St. Louis thought Andy Reid was going to run the ball. (Well, hey, they're not from around here...) Donovan McNabb dropped back and found Hank Baskett at the Eagles' 40, uncovered. Baskett reeled in the pass and loosened up those long legs. Ninety-yard touchdown play, 21-0.

    The Rams got the ball back, all right, on the ensuing kickoff.

   Some first-half numbers: McNabb 16 for 24 for 297 yards (!), three touchdowns and a 148.8 passer rating.

   DeSean Jackson four catches for 70 yards. Jason Avant three for 45.

    The Rams' Steven Jackson, 10 carries for 34 yards. Marc Bulger six for 15 for 72 yards, sacked twice, by Mikell and by Darren Howard. Birds' net yardage: 331.