Justice Deferred, But Won't Be Denied

Winston Justice was pulled after consecutive false starts. (David Maialetti/ Staff Photographer)

Back-to-back false starts are not a good thing anytime, and when Winston Justice blew the snap count twice during today's live morning workout, Andy Reid subbed in King Dunlap for a rep, just to let the Birds' right tackle clear his head. And maybe to remind him that nothing in this world is guaranteed.The Justice League, in action

"I had a mental lapse. That's it," Justice said later. "I just messed up ... when you jumpoffsides twice like that, you need to come out and realize what you just did. 

"I went back in, and I think in the NFL, you have to have a short memory. I let those plays go, in the past, and now I'm looking forward."

Justice said Reid didn't speak to him about the miscues.

"I think he knows it's really up to me to really correct that, keep my eyes on the quarterback's mouth when he's calling out the play, and that's something I didn't do. It won't happen again."

BTW, as he left for lunch, Justice was rocking a backpack with solar panels to charge up his ipod. 

Other notable moments:

*Couple nice catches deep down the middle for rookie TE Clay Harbor. On one of them, Mike Vick laid in a lovely touch pass, between two defenders, Harbor snagging the ball with one hand.

*Trevor Laws forced a J.J. Arrington fumble recovered by Ricky Sapp. Then Arrington dropped a pass in the flat.

*Kevin Kolb and Jeremy Maclin worked a nice curl on which Maclin spun outside for good extra yardage.

*Quintin Mikell blitzed and blocked a Vick pass, which Trent Cole intercepted.

*Ernie Sims "sacked" Vick.

*Loud collision in the hole between Akeem Jordan -- once again working as the strongside starter -- and Eldra Buckley. Buckley was stopped for a short gain.

 *Brandon Graham was a beast in one-on-one jousting with the o-linemen.


The Eagles played more roster roulette, bringing back Jared Perry, the wideout they signed last week, then cut to make room for Kelly Washington. Today's musical chairs victim was DE Eric Moncur, who presumably is lurking in the woods behind the practice fields at Lehigh, waiting to be invited back, like everyone else.


TE Martin Rucker joined the hammy strings section, already populated by Asante Samuel, Mike Bell and Jordan Norwood. They ought to be putting out an album soon. TE Brent Celek was treated for dehydration.

DeSean Jackson remains out with a lower back injury.

Bell was walking without a limp or Sunday's white pressure stocking when he left the locker room. Asked if he had a timeframe for his return, Bell said: "Nuh-uh. I'll be all right, though."