Jovial McNabb heading home

Donovan McNabb was in good spirits when he did a conference call with the Chicago media Wednesday. The QB returns to his hometown, where the Eagles have not lost since 1995.

* Asked about Tampa Bays' Brian Griese throwing 67 times against the Bears last week, McNabb quipped: "I am going to go for 70, 75.''

* Asked if he would try to dunk the ball over the goalposts as he has in previous visits to Soldier Field, he said: "I think I can but I don't think I will try. I'm kind of like at the point like when Michael Jordan went to the Wizards. If he got a dunk that was a beautiful thing but I don't think I'll get up there and try.''

* Asked if the Eagles would try to bait the Bears defenders into unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, as Tampa did, he joked: "I know a couple bios on a couple players and could use that against them. I can talk about [ Brian] Urlacher, he can't grow any more hair. Tommie Harris shaves his head with a butter knife and eats fattening foods after 12 o'clock. I don't know. That's kind of old school where you bait people into doing things. We just play football and have fun doing it.''

* Asked about the building enthusiam over the Eagles' success on offense thus far, he said: "I think we're emerging. Every team says they want to win the Super Bowl. We all do too. But we have to take one game at a time. We're still a young team. We're a team that's obviously trying to form our identity -- how do we want to be looked upon? We know we're going to run through some tough times. That's when a team becomes a team, when you're able to battle together, suffer through those adversities and able to overcome them. That's how you build confidence in each other.''

McNabb also had his weekly press conference at the NovaCare Complex. That session was more serious and focused primarily on his injury and the status of the Eagles offense.

There the subject of returning to Chicago was raised.

"This being my tenth year, it’s not overly exciting as it was early on," he said. "This is a trip in which it’s business. You’re going out to, obviously, improve your record and improve your team and gain more and more confidence each week to finish the season off on the right note. I don’t look at it like I’m just so excited about going back home. I look at it as just another opportunity to, hopefully, get another win in the win column and get ready for the following week.”