Jessica Jinx and Romo's commercial

The NFL's most famous girlfriend, who is on a media tour to promote her new country album, stopped by David Letterman earlier this week. Luckily, a national audience got to hear details of how she and Romo met, their first date, their first kiss and the like.

The subject of whether Jessica was a jinx to the Cowboys came up and she attributed it to wearing a pink jersey instead of a blue jersey. Apparently, the Cowboys do well when she wears blue, we have learned.

"I don't believe I was a jinx, but everyone got so paranoid and all these superstitions and stuff," she said.

She also showed off a move that she said she no longer uses when rooting on the Cowboys.

You can check out the video below ... And if you can't enough Romo, here is a video of a commercial he has done for Pepsi, but a familiar character who is much more popular in Philly pops in at the end.