Jaws: Don't expect fast start from Eagles

ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski thinks the Eagles could struggle early in the season. (AP Photo / Mel Evans)

The Eagles open with consecutive road games for the first time since 2002, and this might be the least likely year for them to want that situation.

The Birds travel to St. Louis on Sept. 11 and then play a Sunday night game in Atlanta on Sept. 18. The team already has been prepping for the noise inside those domes, practicing indoors on one of the nicest days of the summer earlier this week.

"I would be very surprised," Ron Jaworski said today during an ESPN conference call, when asked if the Eagles would be able to get out quickly. "I know the term Dream Team has been mentioned. The Eagles organization despised that word. They know it is going to be difficult with zero OTAs and rookies not getting their playbook and veterans that were signed not getting their playbooks … I think it is going to be difficult to get off to a fast start. Teams that have stability in their coaching staffs and players are going to be the teams to beat this year."

With the new players and a virtually entirely new coaching staff on defense, Jaworski said the Eagles will need some time to succeed.

There is no doubt, when you look at Philadelphia, they have an incredible assembly of talent on their team right now," Jaworski said. "However, that being said, they also have had in incredible changes on their coaching staff … It takes time for a team to develop that chemistry that is so important. The Eagles have spent $200 million procuring talent, but we just don’t know how quickly it will come together, or if it ever comes together. There is certainly a lot of unknowns even if you have talent. Football is a consummate team game."

Added Jon Gruden: "Philadelphia went crazy. They’ve added a great corner and trading for another. I don’t know if they are the Dream Team, but they did make some eye-opening offseason additions."


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