Jamaal Jackson Mourning Brother

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Into that breaking news category, we'd have to put the sad revelation, initially reported by ESPN, that center Jamaal Jackson's absence from practice all week was due to the death of his brother, Kamar, in a hit-and-run traffic accident in Miami.

Police have charged Carlos Rodriguez with vehicular manslaughter and he told police that he was under the influence of alcohol, according to a televison report in South Florida.

Jamaal Jackson and teammates Tra Thomas and Todd Herremans, according to ESPN, attended the Saturday funeral of Kamar, a 29-year-old father of four. They were to return for today's game. Jackson played Monday night's game in Dallas knowing his brother had been killed the day before. Here is a link to a story about an arrest in the incident.

    UPDATE: The inactives for the Eagles contain no surprises. With WR Reggie Brown returning from a hamstring injury, TE Matt Schobel is inactive, and with RG Shawn Andrews (back) out, Winston Justice is active. Otherwise, it's the same as the first two weeks -- A.J. Feeley third QB, rookie LB Joe Mays, rookie DE Bryan Smith, rookie G Mik McGlynn, WR Kevin Curtis (sports hernia surgery), and DE Victor Abiamiri (wrist surgery) all out.

     I might have been tempted to see if Mays could cover a kickoff better than one of the guys getting knocked around by Dallas last week, but those decisions are why Rory Segrest makes the big bucks.

    Andy Reid's director of lineup secrecyThe Eagles still have not said whether Brown will start, no doubt throwing Pittsburgh's preparation into a whirlwind of confusion.

    The Steelers have said starting DE Brett Keisel (calf) is out, to be replaced by Travis Kirschke. Shocking they would allow such sensitive information to be disseminated more than an hour before the game! 


Here is how members of the Daily News staff see the game:

Les Bowen: Eagles, 16-14 (For Les' expanded selection, click here)

Ed Barkowitz: Eagles, 20-13

Bill Conlin: Eagles, 21-17

Paul Domowitch: Eagles, 24-13

Marcus Hayes: Eagles, 24-20

John Smallwood: Eagles, 24-17

Vegas Vic: Eagles, 24-13 (For Vic's complete Week 3 NFL picks, click here)


1. Eagles RB Brian Westbrook vs. Steelers LB Lawrence Timmons: Timmons, who has 4.6 speed, plays in the nickel package and probably will be matched up with Westbrook a lot in coverage. ADVANTAGE: EAGLES

2. Eagles C Jamaal Jackson vs. Steelers NT Casey Hampton: Another week, another tough 3-4 nose tackle for Jackson. ADVANTAGE: STEELERS

3. Eagles RDE Trent Cole vs. Steelers LT Marvel Smith: Cole likely will be double-teamed and chipped often. ADVANTAGE: EAGLES

Read Paul Domowitch's complete Eagles-Steelers scouting report by clicking here.


1.Cowboys 2-0
2.Steelers 2-0
3.Packers 2-0
4.Giants 2-0
5.Eagles 1-1
6.Colts 1-1
7.Broncos 2-0
8.Patriots 2-0
9.Bills 2-0
10.Panthers 2-0
11.Titans 2-0
12.Chargers 0-2
13.Cardinals 2-0
14.Bucs 2-0
15.Redskins 1-1
16.Jaguars 0-2
17.Vikings 0-2
18.Jets 1-1
19.Ravens 1-0
20.Bears 1-1
21.Saints 1-1
22.Texans 0-1
23.Dolphins 0-2
24.49ers 1-1
25.Seahawks 0-2
26.Browns 0-2
27.Raiders 1-1
28.Chiefs 0-2
29.Falcons 1-1
30.Bengals 0-2
31.Lions 0-2
32.Rams 0-2