Jackson, Bell updates and more

DeSean Jackson was in town over the weekend and he did "get this bread" and "mo paid" during his visit.

While we don't speak tweet, indications are this is the explanation: Jackson was among the star athletes signing autographs Sunday at the Fort Washington Expo Center as part of the annual Philadelphia Sports Card & Memorabilia Show. A spokeswoman for Hunt Auctions, which owns and operates the event, confirmed Jackson's appearance. Hunt does not handle booking the athletes.

Of course, it is possible Jackson was taking care of other business while he was here -- potentially related to his desire for a new contract - but that does not seem to be case. Contract negotiations, in fact, would not require Jackson's presence in Philadelphia. It would be unusual for a player to be present for them. And these newfangled things called fax machines even make being here to sign unnecessary.

On Wednesday, Jackson tweeted: "On this plane 2 Cali bac that fast & I'm mo paid . . . trip was acomplished and now I'm sittn in 1st class full & ready to drink up . . . yeaa buddy."

A few days earlier, Jackson had tweeted that he was "on this trip to philly for couple days to handle some things get this bread . . . 1 time."

To answer the first few comments from below, there are ways for the player to get a signing bonus that would push a deal beyond the 30 percent rule. However, the bonus could then not be amortized over the life of the contract and must be a lump sum.

In other news:

* As reported in today's Daily News, the Eagles put a no-trade clause in the Mike Bell tender, so the Saints wouldn't be tempted to match and then try to get something for Bell, from the Eagles or another team. So far, the Saints have not signed free-agent running back Justin Fargas, which would be a definite signal they didn't intend to match.

* Ted Daisher, fired as the Eagles special teams coordinator after one season, has landed as the defensive line coach for the Hartford Colonials, of the UFL. Daisher will work on the staff of head coach/general manager Chris Palmer, a former head coach of the Browns and Texans.

* We know you love the Eagles, but you also love Merrill and Mike. According to Arbitron figures cited by Sports Business Daily, Eagles radio broadcasts are listened to on WIP by an average of 422,400, which is third in the league. Games are also broadcast on WYSP-FM 

1. Bears = 626,600
2. Giants = 457,000
3. Eagles = 422,400
4. Jets = 350,900
5. Lions = 331,900
6. Vikings = 308,400
7. Steelers =307,200
8. Patriots = 301,900
9. 49ers = 299,600
10. Seahawks = 252,800
11. Texans = 245,900
12. Bengals = 240,200
13. Browns = 238,200
14. Chiefs = 237,200
15. Cowboys = 213,000
16. Broncos = 208,300
17. Ravens = 199,100
18. Redskins =197,100
19. Falcons = 183,400
20. Chargers = 174,400
21. Buccaneers = 158,000
22. Rams = 143,700
23. Raiders = 131,800
24. Cardinals = 124,400
25. Dolphins = 103,600

Audience information was not available for the Bills, Colts, Jaguars, Packers, Panthers, Saints and Titans. (Most rightsholders simulcast games on a sister station).