Is Trent Cole underrated?

NFL Network has Trent Cole ranked at 73 in their list of 2010's top players. (Ron Cortes/Staff File Photo)

Defensive end Trent Cole became the first Eagles player to rank in the NFL Network's countdown of the Top 100 players of 2010, as voted by the players.

The two-time Pro Bowler came in at No. 73, and was not terribly happy about it.

"That's a low number being rated at but I at least made the top 100," he wrote on Twitter. "I'm used to being underrated so I laugh.

"I will just have to keep doing things on the field ... Who ever is doing the rating on players wake the hell up and smell what this country boy is cookin!"

When told that it was the players themselves, Cole scoffed: "Well if they say it is rated by the players that's a lie."

"Underrated will not be a word anymore after this year because its officially banned from the Cole Camp. To my fans we have to put a stop to me being underrated. Well I just tell them don't rate me ever again or use my name on any list."

Eagles coach Andy Reid introduced the segment on Cole and obviously had high praise for his defensive end: "Against the run and pass, he can play both equally well. He can do everything he's supposed to do and a little bit more. With age and experience, he's gotten better. He knows all the tricks."

On the other side of the argument, Pro Football Focus recently ranked Cole as the fourth best player in the league at any position.

Wrote the site: "Cole got some press this year for his performances, but he still doesn’t get the credit he’s due. People will note that he’s an impressive pass rusher (he’s beyond impressive) but they rarely give him his due for his all around game (I suspect because of his size.) The 28 year old is one of the most active players in the NFL; always doing something to influence the play. He destroyed so many tackles that it’s more noteworthy when he didn’t (Week 16 being the only game he graded negatively for pass rushing.)

So, where do you stand on Cole?