Interview highlights from Day 1 of Eagles minicamp


Having a healthy L.J. Smith back: No. 1, he is healthy. He's been very good in the red zone. Everybody has to do their job down there. But having him in there surely won't hurt things.

The cornerback situation with Samuel, Brown and Sheppard: It went well. Lito decided to come and I'm glad he's here.We had a nice rotation going with those (3) guys. That's a heck of a secondary with him included in there.

General thoughts: I'm optimistic about what I see on our team. Now it's just a matter of the hard work that it takes to get ready for the season.

Your comment that Eagles' gun is fully loaded and that you're ready to compete for a championship: That's how I feel. I'm not gonna get into much more than that. But with the players we have in the room right now, I feel we're ready to compete for a championship. It's that simple.

Rotating Samuel, Brown and Sheppard: I've done it before. We'll see how it works, but I'm very comfortable doing that.

More on CB situation: I look at Lito as a starter and we're very fortunate to have the three starters there.

On the offense: We need to do a better job in the red zone. We did a tremendous job statistically in just about every category (in '07). But we didn't take advantage of the times we were in the red zone enough. And we'll work very hard at that and get that worked out, and we'll be fine there.

On the strong safety situation: Quintin (Mikell) is the starter there right now.