Indy Dinner for Andy Alums

INDIANAPOLIS --- New Cleveland Browns coach Pat Shurmur told reporters today he got together with some old friends Friday night at the NFL Scouting Combine.Browns coach Pat Shurmur

Shurmur said he and the other four former Andy Reid assistants who are now NFL head coaches gathered with Reid for dinner at St. Elmo's, a downtown Indianapolis steakhouse popular with the NFL crowd.

Shurmur was joined by new Vikings coach Leslie Frazier, new Panthers coach Ron Rivera, Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo and Ravens coach John Harbaugh, along with, of course, Reid. Shurmur said he keeps in his office a group photo of Reid's original Eagles staff, taken at the Vet in 1999, in which all those coaches are present, as is Brad Childress, the Vikings coach Frazier replaced last month.

Reid was a protege of then-Green Bay coach Mike Holmgren, who is now Shurmur's boss in Cleveland. Holmgren's coaching tree is legencdary.

"We all learned it from Andy, who learned it from Mike," Shurmur said.

Previously Saturday, Cleveland GM Tom Heckert -- who formerly held that title with the Eagles -- was asked about Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb, whom Heckert has touted. The questioner obviously was looking for any indication that the Browns might be looking to trade for Kolb, when player trades are again allowed under a new CBA.

"Kevin's a great football player, but we think Colt (McCoy) is a very good football player, as well," Heckert said. "We're happy with Colt, we expect Colt to improve, and I think he'll have a great career for us."

We'll take that as a "no."