Eagles general manager Howie Roseman briefly updated the Eagles' website on the team's coaching search Wednesday. Roseman said he is confident potential candidates know the Eagles offer a framework conducive to success.

The men who seemed to be the top candidates, Penn State coach Bill O'Brien and Oregon coach Chip Kelly, decided to stay in college. The Eagles are interviewing former Bears coach Lovie Smith Thursday. They have announced plans to speak with Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, Cincinnati offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, and Seattle defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, though those interviews are not set.

"They know we have a great owner" in Jeffrey Lurie, Roseman told interviewer Dave Spadaro. "Who's going to support and give as much resources as possible to make sure we succeed. They know that we have just supported a coach for 14 years. We're built that way. This whole organization is built to support a head coach. They know that, not only in actions, but it words. All they have to do is call Andy Reid and know that that's how we do it.

"We develop family here. People who have been here have been here for a long time, they've grown together ... It's been a very positive experience. I'm not saying we're the perfect franchise, by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a great tribute to Jeffrey and what he's building here."

Roseman said lengthy, nine-hour interviews like the ones with O'Brien and Kelly touch on every detail of a potential coach's operation.

"How they run meetings, how they run training camp, what they're looking for in players, what they're looking for in coaches, getting an overall picture, because being a head coach in the National Football League, that's a big job, and you're a CEO. You have to have a plan and know what you're doing in every area," Roseman said. "You'd be surprised at how detailed these people are, when it comes to strength and conditioning, or a training staff, or video, they have the answers, and it's very interesting to hear."

The Eagles never promised a quick resolution to the search -- in fact, Lurie sketched out exactly the opposite last week when he spoke with reporters,

"Jeffrey's been very adamant with us, that the key is getting the right guy. The key isn't getting the right guy as quickly as possible," Roseman said. "So that's what we're going to do."