Holt Incurs The 'Butch Penalty'

      Down on the Eagles' sideline, you just know team security director Butch Buchanico felt a twinge of sympathy, when the Rams' Torry Holt got caught up watching DeSean Jackson's 47-yard catch and run down the right sideline and failed to get out of the way of the side judge. The resulting collision brought a 15-yard penalty that made it a 62-yard gain, and ultimately set up the 1-yard shovel pass to Brian Westbrook for the season's first TD.

    Buchanico did the same thing in a 2004 home game against Carolina, something he still gets ribbed about.

   Remember all that talk about not wanting to put too much pressure on Jackson? Hey, they only went to him on three of the first four snaps...

   Two possessions, two long drives, two touchdowns. No red zone woes today.

   If you could bottle that first quarter and pull it out whenever you need it, that'd be nice. Nine first downs to the Rams' 2. 151 net yards to 28. Donovan McNabb 10 for 12 for 113 yards. Three for three third down conversions.