Hold On To That Lito Jersey

      One thing I think I think:

       1. I hate freaking Peter King.


     If you scroll down a couple dozen posts, it was SI's King who got the weekend off to a sputtering start by predicting the Eagles would not be able to trade Lito Sheppard. This unwlecome bit of prescience arrived even as Eagles sources were touting all the wonderful Sheppard offers they planned to sift through as the draft began.

        None of those Eagles sources was named Andy Reid, though, and late yesterday afternoon at NovaCare, as the Birds wrapped up their 10-player draft, Reid characterized the offers for the Eagles' two-time Pro Bowl corner as "not significant."

    Could Lito still be traded? Sure, for a player or players, or a draft choice next year (whoopee). But the draft was the logical time for this to happen. It's hard to think of a team with a crying need at corner that didn't address that need this weekend.

      Reid was coy when asked if the Birds will somehow address Sheppard's contract grievance, to try to make him a more willing participant. He said he would talk to Sheppard.

    But even if Sheppard, signed through 2011, agrees to show up and at least feign enthusiasm, isn't there going to be some delicate ego-juggling, with Asante Samuel, Sheppard and Sheldon Brown all used to being starters?

   "We'll see how it all works out when we get to that point," Reid said.

     We'll start getting to that point this coming weekend, when mandatory minicamp unfolds at NovaCare.

        Meanwhile, Peter King is dead to me. Dead.