A LOT of great DTs named Trevor

   So, we finally have a pick. The Eagles' biggest need, for the year after Mike Patterson and Brodrick Bunkley solidified the defensive tackle position, was .... a defensive tackle, of course. Trevor Laws from Notre Dame. OK, they needed depth at the position. But you haven't taken any players, there's WRs like Limas Sweed and DeSean Jackson on the board, safeties like DaJuan Morgan ... and you really needed a defensive tackle? Well, the bio the Birds just passed out says he's also a defensive end. And punt returner. No, actually, I made that last part up.

Hey, the Eagles just drafted DeSean Jackson, all 169 pounds of him, with their original second-rounder, 49th overall. So maybe this isn't the worst day ever. Still no Lito trade, though.

"I played end in a 3-4 scheme, but with Philadelphia, a 4-3, I'm definitely an inside guy," said Laws, who formerly roomed with Victor Abiamiri.

Here is the transcript of the conference call that the Eagles had with Trevor Laws for Philadelphia-area reporters:

On whether he had much contact with the Eagles coming into the draft:
“Yes, I talked to a couple of guys. I had some great interviews with the guys. It’s a surprise, though. It’s a big surprise; I’m thrilled about it.”

On why he is surprised:
“I would be surprised anywhere. Going through the draft process, not knowing what’s going to happen, you can go anywhere. It’s amazing that I’m going to be up there in Philly. It’s awesome.”

On the situation at defensive tackle:
“I looked at their roster a little bit, but I see there is a position for me to contribute. There is an opportunity for me to get in there and compete with some guys. I think it’s a pretty good place for me.”

On whether he plays defensive end or defensive tackle:
“I would definitely say I’m a tackle.”

On whether he has played any defensive end:
“I played end in a 3-4 scheme, but in Philadelphia , who plays a 4-3, I’m definitely an inside guy.”

On who he talked to the most when he visited with the Eagles:
“The whole staff. We sat down for a little bit and talked to a few people. They were some pretty positive meetings.”

On how close he is with DE Victor Abiamiri:
“We’re real close friends. We were roommates for over a year. I talk to him on a weekly basis almost. It’s really exciting to go to the same team as him.”

On what his day was like:
“It’s nerve-wracking, but the moment your name is called, it’s just amazing. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, for so long. I’m just beaming right now.”

On what it was like when he got the phone call from the Eagles:
“A lot of Eagles staff and [head] coach [Andy] Reid and a couple of different people. It was surreal. It feels great.”

On who the first person was that he talked to:
“I think Coach Reid. As soon as the phone [rang], my whole family mobbed me, so it was kind of hard to hear, but it was a great situation.”

On whether he was worried that his stock would drop in the draft after Notre Dame struggled:
“Yes, definitely. But, I think with my strong Senior Bowl and combine performances, teams kind of looked through the season and saw the player I really was.”

On where he is right now:
“I’m in Minnesota right now at my parents’ house.”

Here is the transcript of the conference call that the Eagles had with DeSean Jackson for Philadelphia-area reporters:

On what it feels like to be drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles:
"It's a blessing, a dream come true. The Philadelphia Eagles were high on my list. I felt like I had a connection with the program, [head coach] Andy Reid and the rest of the coaches. It's a dream come true and I am ready to get in there as soon as possible and make great things happen for the team."

On what the connection was between him and Reid:
"I felt like we had a good eye-to-eye conversation. He let me know how he felt about me and he just said he needed an explosive wide receiver that could come in and return kicks and punts. I informed him that I thought I was that guy to come in there and do some great things."

On whether he was aware that it normally takes wide receivers a few years to blossom in this system:
"Mostly, I spoke with [Dave Culley] the wide receiver coach. He just spent time breaking down the offense when I went on my private trip there to visit the team. The offense looks like a great offense to be a part of. I am just very excited for the opportunity I am getting."

On whether he was surprised that he lasted as long as he did on the first day of the draft:
"I definitely was. I felt like I would go higher than I did, but God had a plan for me and I knew it would be a team that would pick me up and put me in a great position. Like I said, everything happens for a reason and I think this is going to be a great fit for me."

On how often people bring up his size and what he thinks about that:
"I have been hearing about that all my life. It has been something to motivate me. Sitting back and waiting for my name to be called, I kind of figured that a lot of people were afraid of my size. Like I tell everybody else, my heart is bigger than my size and I play larger than I really am. It is just something that I will keep having to go through in my career, but I am ready to compete right away."

On whether he will play with a chip on his shoulder because a few teams passed on him:
"I definitely feel like that will motivate me. I just know I have to come to the Eagles ready to play, I will expect a lot of myself. I have sat back the past few weeks and saw [CB] Asante Samuel added to that secondary with [FS] Brian Dawkins. They have [RB] Brian Westbrook and [WB] Donovan McNabb. Those are some awesome names to be a part of. I am going to come in right away and try to compete and just get better as soon as possible."

On how long he has been working with Hall of Fame receiver Jerry Rice:
"I have been working with him for the past two months. He is a great mentor of mine. He has been teaching me a lot of things about running routes and being ready for the competition at the next level. He told me to study my playbook, keep my body healthy and so much more. Like I said, it has been an honor for me to be able to work with one of the best wide receivers in the game."

On how they got together:
"I am actually signed with DeBartolo Sports and Entertainment, so he is signed with them too. That is how I got to meet him."

On why he was able to have success in college returning punts:
"I am very confident. I can just sit back there and catch the football no matter where it is kicked. I can field punts and I am able to see the whole field. I can see my blockers and make great moves from there. Once I see a seam, I am going to hit it and take it the distance."

On whether there is anything else that separates him from other returners:
"I just feel like - even with the draft, I just felt like I was ready, just waiting for someone else to show confidence in me. The Philadelphia Eagles are a perfect fit for me and it's an honor and a blessing to be able to be their pick."

On what he thinks will be the biggest adjustment from college to the NFL:

"Coming in and working hard. I have to face every team. It's a long season, I hear from a lot of people in the NFL. I have to study playbooks and go to film sessions. I have to keep my body healthy. It is going to be a big transition for me, but I feel like I can come in and produce right away."

On whether he thinks it will be harder to adjust to the return game or to playing the wide receiver:

"I think both of them will be challenging. Coming in and being an impact wide receiver right away and coming in and returning kicks right way will both be challenging. That is something that I expect from myself. I expect nothing but the best things. I just feel like I am capable of making great things happen for the team. I am going to hope for the best and certainly come in prepared and ready to work."