Heckert Interviewing

 Despite the Eagles' resurgence, it still seems likely general manager Tom Heckert will leave the team this offseason.

A league source confirmed last night that Heckert will interview with the Cleveland Browns for their GM job, probably this weekend. The Browns had to ask permission to speak with Heckert, which the Eagles granted.

Heckert, who came to the team in 2001 when Tom Modrak was forced out, carries the GM title with the Eagles but does not have final say in personnel matters. There was a time when  the Eagles responded to other teams' interest in him by promoting him, but last offseason, they actively pushed the idea of Hevckert's candidacy to run the Atlanta Falcons.

Right after last spring's draft, Heckert's top assistant, Jason Licht, was dismissed. His replacement was Howie Roseman, protege of team president Joe Banner.