Harbaugh on Westbrook's future

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A few minutes with Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh from this morning’s AFC coaches media breakfast at the league meetings at the Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes resort:

Q: Surprised that no one has signed Brian Westbrook yet, or even brought him in for a visit?

A: I think Brian will definitely end up somewhere, I’m sure. He’s too good. And he’s too good a guy. We’d be interested in Brian, but with our running back situation, we’re so strong there. But believe me, my first thought (when he was released by the Eagles) was, was there any way we can bring him in here to be on our team. But he just doesn’t fit us right now.’’

Q: Jim Zorn has replaced Hue Jackson as your quarterbacks coach. What kind of effect will Zorn have on your quarterback, Joe Flacco?

A: Jim has a chance to grow Joe and take him to the next level, the next phase of his progression. It’s not only that he played the game, played the position. You don’t have to play the position to be a great coach. But the fact that he did gives him great insight on top of all the other knowledge he has. His personality is a natural fit for Joe. Jim is kiknd of an out-of-the-box thinker. He’s got a real easy personality. He’s a thoughtful guy. It’s kind of how Joe is too, so I think they’re going to hit it off personalitywise.

Q: What kind of expectations do you have for Flacco going into his third season?
A: I want Joe to be a championship quarterback. Whatever that means. Obviously that means he’s got to get first downs. He’s got to be effective in the red zone. He can’t be turning the ball over. He’s got to get people lined up. He’s got to handle a voluminous gameplan. He’s got to enunciate well in the huddle. There’s a thousand things that go into that position. So you expect all of those things from Joe. Terms like elite quarterback, franchise quarterback, that’s where we expect Joe to go. He (expects that) even more than us. That’s his plan. That’s his goal. He already thinks he’s the best quarterback in the NFL.

Q: What kind of impact do you expect Anquan Boldin to have on your offense?:

A: You can say he’s going to give you a slot presence. You can say he’s going to give you a deep threat. That’s not really his thing, but he can go up and make the catch on a deep ball because he bodies up on people. What he really does for us is he fits us. He fits the personality of our team. He fits the personality of our offense. You don’t think of wide receivers as blockers. But this guy goes in and punishes people and loves to do it. He makes catches over the middle. He bodies up on people in the red zone. He’s going to catch the ball on third down. He’s going to break a tackle and get upfield.

Q: Do you expect your All-Pro safety, Ed Reed, to play this year, or will he retire?
A: I’m assuming Ed’s going to play until he tells me he’s not going to play. At some point in time, he’s going to say it’s time to retire. He’s not a guy who’s going to play beyond what he physically feels his body’s going to allow. At the same time, I think he’s going to play this year. Until he says he’s not, he’s going to be our safety.

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