Graham gets his chances

Brandon Graham is making himself known as a playmaker in his first training camp. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Today might have been Kevin Kolb's sharpest day of training camp, but one throw, at least, didn't find its way to the intended target.

Kolb's screen to tight end Brent Celek was picked off by exuberant rookie defensive end Brandon Graham, who pranced through the offensive players and high-stepped all the way to the end zone, though no one was actually in pursuit, and Graham could have just jogged to a halt and thrown the ball back.

"That reminded me of my linebacker days" early on at Michigan, first-round pick Graham said. "I just knew it was a screen because of the way he pushed off me. I just stood right there, and the ball came right to me. He pushed off me and rolled behind me, so I just shuffled with him, it ended up coming right into my hands."

Other notable moments:

*Nice breakup by Joselio Hanson on a deep throw down the middle from Kolb to Jason Avant, but Kolb and Avant later hooked up on a similar pattern, Kolb placing the ball between Hanson and Stewart Bradley.

*Twice Kolb rolled away from pressure for nice completions - once to Celek, the other a really tough throw on the run that found Shady McCoy at the right sideline.

*Ernie Sims came free on a blitz, forcing Kolb to throw the ball away.

*Darryl Tapp "sacked" Michael Vick.

*Rookie linebacker Keenan Clayton ripped a catch out of Cornelius Ingram's hands. But the same QB, Mike Kafka, very quickly hit a deep slant to Martell Mallett, covered by Clayton. Then Kafka picked on Clayton again, connecting with Chad Hall across the middle.

*Graham whooshed past Winston Justice again in a 1-on-1 drill. Rookie DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, who hasn't been that noticeable, drove massive Max Jean-Gilles backward with a loud "whump," Te'o-Nesheim inspiring loud praise from his defensive linemates.