Graham Meets Obama on Minicamp Break

The Eagles took defensive end Brandon Graham with the 13th pick in the 2010 NFL draft. (Alejandro A. Alvarez / Staff Photographer)

Eagles first-round draft choice Brandon Graham took a quick break from the first minicamp to march in his Michigan graduation ceremony Saturday, even though he's 11 credits short of his degree in general studies/kinesiology. He plans to finish up the course work after his rookie season.This fellow got to shake hands with Brandon Graham!

The highlight for Graham was getting to meet Michigan's commencement speaker, President Obama, as Graham was about to leave the stadium for his flight back to Philadelphia.

"I got to shake his hand. It was a real cool thing -- my coach set it up, (Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez) .. I was like 'please I'm about to go, I just want to shake his hand,' and I shook his hand. It was real nice. He just said, 'Go Blue.'"

Graham was on the field at NovaCare for Sunday's minicamp wrapup. 

"I feel like once I get it down, I'll be ready to go," Graham said. "I want to play fast. I'm going to play fast even if  I don't know everything yet, because I know that's what (the coaches) want us to do ... I want to learn all the basics that I can. It wasn't that bad, like I thought it was going to be. This practice is a little faster. They just expect a lot from you." 

  "I feel like I did real good -- a couple mistakes, but that's a part of it. I want to make all my mistakes now, because in a game, I don't want it to be a problem."

Eagles coach Andy Reid said it "looked like things went fairly smooth out there" as the Eagles tried to assimilate their largest draft class since 1986. "Guys knew their assignments and were able to maintain a fast pace in practice. When guys don't know what they're doing, they have a tendency to slow down and be a mess."

Reid said quarterback Michael Vick "looks great ... you see his quickness and speed back. He's throwing the ball confidently."

Reid said Vick is keeping his eyes down the field, "working the offense the way it's supposed to work."