Graham: 'I Got This'

Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham attempted to reassure fans his microfracture surgery would not affect his play. (Clem Murray/Staff file photo)

I wasn't too surprised that Brandon Graham didn't call me back today when I tried to get a comment about the news, first reported on, that Graham actually underwent microfracture surgery, not just ACL surgery, back in December.

I was even less surprised about the lack of response when I saw that Graham had tweeted that he wasn't doing any interviews until he is back on the field.

Graham, the defensive end the Eagles drafted 13th overall in 2010, attempted to reassure fans.

"Everybody needs to worry about this lockout if anything," he said. "I got this."

Later, Graham tweeted "LOL, people are so funny but I wouldn't want it no other way."

And a little later, "When I come back this year and kill it don't pat me on the back please. I need to keep hearing that negativity because (I) got my fam for that."

OK ... first things first. The microfracture news puts better perspective on Eagles coach Andy Reid saying earlier in the offseason that he doesn't expect to have Graham for the start of the season. Microfracture surgery happens when a surgeon feels the patient doesn't have enough cartilage in a perticular spot to keep from having bone rub against bone. The surgeon drills tiny holes in the kneecap that then grow a cartilagelike substance, which helps cushion the area. This substance is not real cartilage and doesn't always solve the problem long-term. Works better the younger you are.

Another Eagles defensive end, Victor Abiamiri, missed all last season after undergoing offseason microfracture surgery; in fact, Abiamiri's injury might have led to the drafting of Graham. But there are different degrees of microfracture-type injuries.

Graham won't necessarily be sidelined much longer than he would have been for a simple ACL tear, which is a fairly serious deal anyway.

Now, onto the "not talking" and "negativity" part.

Graham recently appeared in a charity golf tournament in Michigan. There he told a reporter from Ann Arbor about his microfracture surgery. The reporter mentioned it in his story. As far as I know, all anybody around Philly has done is try to follow up on that. Nothing particularly "negative" about trying to verify what a player said.

One way to dispel "negativity" is to answer your phone and explain what happened, why you think your prognosis is good, etc. Really pretty easy. Probably easier than casting reporters who are just trying to follow up on a topic YOU raised as panicky, negative, etc.

But hey, that's just me. Whatever gets you through the tough rehab.

And, of course, Twitter is a big old goofy world. Don't know that Graham is only talking about the reporters trying to get in touch with him. Could be talking about YOUR tweeted reaction, for all I know ...