Grading the Eagles' draft weekend

LeSean McCoy (left) and Jeremy Maclin get a tour of the Eagles' locker room from equipment manager John Hatfield on Sunday.

The draft is over and the grades are in ... Here is how we grade out the Eagles and the three other teams in the NFC East:


1, 19, Jeremy Maclin, Missouri, WR
2, 53, Le Sean McCoy, Pittsburgh, RB
5, 153, Cornelius Ingram, Florida, TE
5, 157, Victor “Macho” Harris, Virginia Tech, CB
5, 159, Fenuki Tupou, Oregon, OT
6, 194, Brandon Gibson, Washington State, WR
7, 213, Paul Fanaika, Arizona State, G
7, 230, Moise Fokou, Maryland, OLB
Analysis: Swung two separate trades that got them a Pro Bowl left tackle (Jason Peters) and a 4-year starting cornerback (Ellis Hobbs). Got one of the draft’s top two wide receivers (Jeremy Maclin) in the first round and some much-needed help for Brian Westbrook in the second (LeSean McCoy). All in all, a helluva draft. Grade: A+



How would you grade the Eagles' draft?

3, 69, Jason Williams, Western Illinois, OLB

3, 75, Robert Brewster, Ball St., OT
4, 101, Stephen McGee, Texas A&M, QB
4, 110, Victor Butler, Oregon St., DE
4, 120, Brandon Williams, Texas Tech, DE
5, 143, DeAngelo Smith, Cincinnati, CB
5, 166, Michael Hamlin, Clemson, FS
5, 172, David Buehler, Southern Cal, K
6, 197, Stephen Hodge, TCU, SS
6, 208, John Phillips, Virginia, TE
7, 227, Mike Mickens, Cincinnati, CB
7, 229, Manuel Johnson, Oklahoma, WR
Analysis: Cowboys traded away their first-round pick in the Roy Williams deal, then traded out of the second round. Added yet another pass-rushing linebacker in the third-round (Jason Williams) to go with DeMarcus Ware, aging Greg Ellis and Anthony Spencer. Grade: C+


1, 29, Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina, WR
2, 45, Clint Sintim, Virginia, LB
2, 60, Will Beatty, Connecticut, OT.
3, 85, Ramses Barden, Cal Poly, WR
3, 100, 100, Travis Beckum, Wisconsin, TE
4, 129, Andre Brown, North Carolina State, RB
5, 151, Rhett Bomar, Sam Houston State, QB
6, 200, DeAndre White, New Mexico, DE
7, 238, Stoney Woodson, South Carolina, DB
Analysis: Hakeem Nicks is a Boldin-like wideout with huge hands and good-but-not-great speed, who potentially will help offset the departure of Plaxico Burress. Linebacker Clint Sintim and offensive tackle Will Beatty are nice second-round pickups, even if they don’t address great needs. Grade: B+


1, 13, Brian Orakpo, Texas, DE
3, 80, Kevin Barnes, Maryland, DB
5, 158, Cody Glenn, Nebraska, LB
6, 186, Robert Henson, TCU, LB
7, 221, Eddie Williams, Idaho, TE
7, 243, Marko Mitchell, Nevada, WR
Analysis: First-round defensive end Brian Orakpo is more suited to be a 3-4 linebacker than a 4-3 end. Their third-round pick would have been better spent on an offensive lineman rather than a zone corner (Maryland's Kevin Barnes). Grade: C-.

Look for Domo's full team-by-team report card in Monday's Daily News.

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