Goodell talks about Vick

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was in town today and among the things he talked about was Eagles quarterback Michael Vick:

On his general impressions of how Vick has done this year:

“I’m more proud of what he’s done off the field. He continues to mature and recognize that his decisions off the field are most critical for him and his family. He’s done a terrific job. And he continues to work in the community to make sure that people understand the mistakes he’s made and not to make them yourselves. So I think he’s actually been a very positive influence in that way. Of course, his success on the field is a tribute to him and the work he has done and this organization for putting him in that position. It’s a great story that you can make a mistake and overcome if you’re accountable and you take responsibility. You have to know that when you play in the NFL, you are expected to operate in a particular way that is going to reflect well on your community and your team."

On how closely he has been in contact with Vick:

“We are in contact frequently. He has taught me a lot about texting, so I’m getting better at it. We speak frequently. I think it’s important. I want him to know that I support him. But I also want him to know that he can’t slip. He’s got a very small margin of error. And I think what we’re seeing now is a young man who understands that. And he’s taking great advantage of that opportunity."

On how well Vick played against the Redskins on “Monday Night Football:”

“It was an extraordinary performance.”

On whether Vick has shown that the zero tolerance that Goodell had adopted toward player behavior can work if the player is willing:

 “I’m very proud of what our players do. We have 2,000 young men. They’re going to make mistakes from time to time. And I think when people recognized their responsibilities and are accountable…they can recover and actually be a tremendous beacon for others. Our society needs more success stories. We need to see young people succeed. Hopefully, the Michael Vick story will have a great impact on young people around the world."