Giant takes shot at new Eagle Steve Smith

Steve Smith played four seasons with the Giants after being drafted in 2007. (Seth Wenig/AP)

Ah, one Twitter fued ends and another begins.

New Eagles wide receiver Steve Smith was among the Giants players who took aim at Eagles running back LeSean McCoy in the offseason for McCoy's tweet about Osi Umenyiora.

To summarize, McCoy called Umenyiora "overrated" and "soft." Four Giants, including Smith, responded, with several referencing that they call McCoy "Lady Gaga."

Smith's response via Twitter was this: "The nerve of certain youngins running their mouth. Please don't forget." That included a link to a picture of Smith with Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning during the Super Bowl XLII celebration, and in the middle an empty Eagles' trophy case.

Now, of course, Smith and McCoy are teammates after the Eagles signed the wide receiver last night.

"Yeah, it’s going to be funny," Smith said. "I’m going to go up to LeSean the first day I see him and just shake his hand and give him a hug and tell him that was all just Twitter beef and it was just all in fun. And you know, it’s just a great rivalry and I’m thankful to be a part of it. And having switched sides it’s a little different but still it will be exciting to see what it’s like on this side.”

That will end the beef between Smith and McCoy, although the other Giants still have issues with McCoy, and now with Smith.

Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas, among the four who responded to McCoy, had this to tweet about Smith last night:

"Hate to see a [Steve Smith] sign with any team. But glad we get to play against him two times a year and show him the grass ain't GREENER on the other side.'

And less than 12 hours after Smith's exit, the Giants announced that Jerrell Jernigan will wear No. 12, Smith's old number.

Justin Tuck, another of those who criticized McCoy, took the higher road.

"Congrats Steve Smith. We will see you soon." He also mentioned that he is very confident in the Giants' wide receivers.

Also, here is some interesting analysis of the Giants' moves, questioning GM Jerry Reese, from Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger.

Because I just don't get how you can let Smith get away for that price.

Let's assume they think they had a good offer on the table for Smith. Heck, for the sake of argument, let's say it was equal to what the Eagles offered, which, we're told by Smith himself, it wasn't. But again, let's pretend just so I can make a point: even if the financials aren't there, how do you let Smith become so discouraged by your efforts to retain him that he goes to see your arch rivals?

How do you let a 107-catch receiver get this far into free agency without bringing him back? This isn't the 1980s; they know how to do microfracture surgery a lot better than they used to. He'll be healthy again. As healthy as he used to be? I don't know, but close enough, I'm sure.

Even if you have to slightly overpay a guy who might miss half the season, isn't that investment worth making him happy down the line should he prove to be healthy and valuable once again? If he hadn't gotten hurt, the Giants would never have let Smith get away (they tried locking him up before he got hurt), so why not give up a few extra bucks to make sure that's still the case as he recovers from knee surgery?

Smith is a reliable, valuable asset to an offense, and the Giants should have treated him like one. It's pretty obvious he doesn't believe they did.


The Eagles' approach thus far has gotten a lot of attention around the NFL, and for good reason. And everyone seems to have an opinion.

Baltimore comes to town tonight as a team in transition, having undergone some changes of its own. Their means to get there was different than the Eagles'.

"It's going to be a great test for us," Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano said, according to the Carroll County Times. "Yeah, they went out and bought, I don't know, the greatest team ever, but I don't know if you can just do that. There's so much that has gone into this place over a long period of time. I don't think you can just do that. So, we'll see where we're at."

Quarterback Joe Flacco will play roughly the first quarter, followed by rookie Tyrod Taylor for two quarters and Hunter Cantwell in the fourth quarter. Middle linebacker Ray Lewis, free safety Ed Reed, defensive tackle Haloti Ngata and outside linebacker Terrell Suggs will only play roughly a series.


Packers tight end Jermichael Finley also chimed in on the Eagles during an interview with Milwaukee radio station WSSP, according to

Asked why the Packers are not getting as much national attention, Finley replied: “I ain’t worrying about all that. Like I said, all that talk with the Eagles and the Saints if you want, that will come to a halt I guarantee you.”

And on the comments attributed to Vince Young about the Eagles being a Dream Team?

“Ah man, that’s just talk. That’s on paper. VY is a backup, I don’t think he should be doing too much talking. But at the same time, that’s just on paper.”